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How had the female figures become an allegory of the nation during the nineteenth century in Europe? Analyse.



Points to Remember

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The female figures become an allegory  of the nation during the nineteenth century in  Europe as

    1. A country was presented as a Person.
    2. Nation portrayed as Female Figures.
    3. Female Figure became an allegory of nation.
    4. Liberty attributes red cape or broken chain and Justice attributes blindfolded women with weights.
    5. Marianne stood for national unity.
    6. Germania stood for allegory of the German nation.

 Use any 3 points and elaborate on them


Answer to be written in the exam

   Artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth century started personifying a nation. 

  1. Country was represented as a person. Female figures were used to portray the nation.
  2. Ideas of Liberty, Justice and Republic were portrayed with the help of Female figures by artists during the French Revolution.
  3. In France the female figure of Marianne stood for national unity and in German the Germania became the allegory of the German nation .



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