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Describe the role of Romanticism in developing nationalist feelings among Europeans during nineteenth century. 



Points to Remember

Role of Romanticism in developing nationalist feeling among the Europeans was

    1. Movement originated in the 18th century.
    2. Based on inspiration, subjectivity and primacy of the individual.
    3. Reason and science was criticized.
    4. Importance of Folk culture of the nation.
    5. Emphasis on Vernacular Language.

We use any 3 points and elaborate on them


Answer to be written in the exam

   Romanticism was a movement that originated in the late 18th century. It was a movement in the arts and literature.

  1. Focus was laid on emotions, intuitions and mystical feelings and glorification of reason and science was criticized.
  2. It was believed that through folk culture, folk songs and folk dances the spirit of nation can be popularized.
  3. Vernacular language was given more importance to show ancient national spirit.

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