• Nationalism is defined as a sense of shared identity and belonging to a specific geographical location and a sense of attachment to its own culture.  
  • During the nineteenth century , the feeling of nationalism arose in the people of Europe that dramatically changed the political and social, and cultural scenario of Europe.

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  • In 1848 , Frédéric Sorrieu , a French artist prepared a series of four prints .
  • In those series he visualized his dream of a world made up of ‘democratic and social Republics’.
  • The first print of the series shows p eople of Europe and America - men and women of all ages and social classes marching in a long train and paying homage to the Statue of Liberty .
  • Artist of the time of the French Revolution , personified Liberty as a female figure.
  •  In the foreground of the image , on earth lie the shattered remains of absolutist institutions.
  • As per utopian vision of the Sorrieu , the people of the world are grouped as distinct nations , identified with the help of their flags and national costume.
  • Leading the procession were, United States and Switzerland which were already nation states .
  • France , which just reached the statue , was identifiable by the revolutionary tricolor.
  • France was followed by the people of Germany , bearing blac k, red and gold flags.
  • By the time Sorrieu created this image , the people of Germany did not exist as a nation state.
  • Following the German people were the people of Austria , the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Lombardy , Poland , England , Ireland , Hungary and Russia.
  • Above from the heavens , Christ , saints and angels gaze upon the scene.
  • These images were used by artist to portray fraternity.


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