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Describe the great economic hardship that prevailed in Europe during the 1930s. 


Describe any three economic hardship faced by Europe in 1830s. 


"The decade of 1830 had brought great economic hardship in Europe." Support the statement with arguments. 



Points to Remember

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The hardships faced by the Europe in the 1830s were

    1. Enormous increase in the population.
    2. Increase in unemployment.
    3. Rural population migrated to cities and started living in oversized slums.
    4. Stiff competition faced by small producers.
    5. Peasants were burdened by feudal dues and obligations.
    6. Widespread poverty in towns and cities.

We use any 3 points and elaborate on them


Answer to be written in the exam

   The 1830s were years of great economic hardship in Europe.

  1. All over Europe, one witnessed a sudden in crease in population which led to increase in unemployment too.
  2. Peasants were suffering under feudal dues and obligations in regions where aristocrats were still in power.
  3. Increase in food prices and a year of bad harvest led to widespread poverty in towns and cities.






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