• Industrialisation is the period of social and economic change that transforms a human group from an agrarian society (a community whose economy is based on producing and maintaining crops and farmland) into an industrial society . Industrialisation - Teachoo.jpg


Note: Leapfrogging occurs when a nation bypasses traditional stages of development to either jump directly to the latest technologies or explore an alternative path of technological development involving emerging technologies with new benefits and new opportunities .



Mechanization of traditional manual economic sectors - Teachoo.jpg

Industrialization also means the mechanization of traditionally manual economic sectors such as agriculture.


Elements of Industrialisation - Teachoo.jpg

Factories, refineries, mines and agribusiness are all elements of industrialization.



Dawn of the Century - Teachoo.jpg

Dawn of the century, published by E.T Paull Music Co., New York, England,1900

  • Dawn of the century announced by E.T Paull on his music book cover page illustrates the picture in the center is a goddess-like figure , the angel of progress , bearing the flag of a new century
  • She is gently perched on a wheel with wings , symbolizing time. 
  • Her flight is taken into the future . Floating about, behind her , are the s igns of progress : railway, camera, machines, printing press, and factory.



Two Magicians - Teachoo.jpg

Two magicians, published in Inland Printers, 26 January 1901.

  • The above image glorifies the used machines and technology on the pages of a trade magazine.
  • It shows two magicians . The one at the top is Aladdin from the orient who built a beautiful place with his magic lamp.
  • The one at the bottom is the modern mechanic , who with his modern tools weaves new magic: builds bridges, ships, towers, and high-rise buildings. 
  • Aladdin is shown as representing the East and the past , the mechanic stands for the west and modernity .
  •       The above images thrust into the limelight in the modern world. It depicts how the modern world is associated with swift technological growth.
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