• There was no shortage of human labour in Victorian Britain.  
  • Industrialists did not want to introduce machines as it required large capital investment and there was plenty of labour.


People on the move - Teachoo.jpg

People on the move in search of work, the illustrated London News, 1879. 

  • Poor peasants and vagrants (a wanderer) moved to the cities in large numbers in search of jobs .
  • Industries where production fluctuated with the season, industrialists usually preferred hand labour, employing workers for the season .
  • The demand in the market was often goods with intricate designs and specific shapes which c an only be done with hand labour
  • Hand-made products came to symbolize refinement and class. 

         2.1 Life of the Workers

  • The lives of the workers was affected by the abundance of labour in the market.
  • One can only get a job if the person had networks of friendships and kin relations .


Homeless and Hungry - Teachoo.jpg

Homeless and hungry, painting by Samuel Luke Fildes, 1874.  

  • The painting depicts how the homeless in London apply for tickets to stay overnight in the workhouse. 
  • Many job seekers had to wait weeks, spending nights under bridges or in night shelters . Some stayed in Night Refuges that were set up by private individuals. 
  • Seasonality of work in many industries meant prolonged periods without work. 
  • It was challenging to get a job till the mid-nineteenth century.
  • The fear of unemployment made workers hostile to the introduction of new technology.



Spinning Jenny - Teachoo.jpg

  • Spinning Jenny was introduced in the wollen industry.



Railway - Teachoo.jpg

a shallow underground railway being constructed in central London, Illustrated Times, 1868 

  • After the 1840s, building activity intensified in the cities , opening up greater employment opportunities.  
  • From the 1850s railway began coming up all over London.
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