Why did Mahatma Gandhi Launch the 'NonCooperation Movement'? How did this movement unite the country? Explain.



Points to Remember 

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  1. British rule established with the cooperation of Indians.
  2. surrendering of titles  
  3. Boycott of civil services, legislative councils and schools.
  4. students left government-controlled schools, Lawyers gave up their legal practices
  5. council elections were boycotted except Madras


Answer to be written in the exam

  1. Mahatma Gandhi declared that British rule was established in India with the c ooperation of Indians, and had survived only because of this cooperation.
  2. The movement should begin with surrendering of titles that the government has awarded
  3. Boycott of civil services , army, police , courts and legislative councils , schools and foreign goods.
  4. Thousands of students left government -controlled schools and colleges. And lawyers also  gave up their legal practices.
  5. The council elections were boycotted in most of the provinces except Madras , where the Justice Party , the party of the non-brahmans , felt that entering the council was one way of gaining some power - something that only Brahmans had access to.


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