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The Civil Disobedience Movement saw the participation of different social classes and groups. Give reasons for the participation of the following:

(a) rich peasants

(b) poor peasants

(c) business classes

(d) industrial working classes

(e) women


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The reason for participation of various classes was  

Rich Peasants

  • Being producers of commercial crops , they were very hard hit by the trade depression and falling prices.
  • Their cash income disappeared , they found it impossible to pay the government’s revenue demand.
  • Refusal of the government to reduce the revenue demand led to widespread resentment.
  • For them the fight for swara j was a struggle against high revenues.

B. Poor Peasants

  • Poorer peasantry was not just interested in lowering revenue demand
  • They were small tenants cultivating land they had rented from landlords .
  • Depression continued and cash incomes dwindled , the small tenants found it difficult to pay their rent .
  • They wanted the unpaid rent to the landlords to be remitted .

C. Business Class

  • During the First World War , Indian merchants and industrialists had made huge profits and had become powerful .
  • Keen on expanding their business , they now reacted against the colonial policies that restricted business activities .
  • They wanted protection against imports of foreign goods .
  • To organize business interests , they formed the Indian Industrial and Commercial Congress in 1920 and the Federation of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) in 1927.

D. Industrial Working Class

  • The industrial working classes did not participate in the Civil Disobedience Movement in large numbers , except in the Nagpur region.
  • Workers stayed aloof , as the Industrialists came closer to the Congress .
  • Congress was reluctant to include workers demands as part of its programme of struggle .
  • Congress felt that this would alienate industrialists and divide the anti-imperial forces .

E. Women

  • Another important feature of the Civil Disobedience Movement was the large-scale participation of women .
  • During Gandhiji’s salt march , thousands of women came out of their houses to listen to him.
  • They participated in protest marches, manufactured salt , and picketed foreign cloth and liquor shops .
  • Many women went to jail also.

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