Social Science CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for 2023 Boards

‘Manufacturing sector is considered as the backbone of general and economic development.’ Examine the statement in the context of India.



Points to remember :

  • Manufacturing the backbone of economic/ general development.
  • Modernizes agriculture.
  • Reduces dependence of people on agriculture, by giving them jobs in other sectors.
  • Eradicates poverty and unemployment.
  • Reduces regional disparities.
  • Makes the country prosperous, brings foreign exchange and 
  • helps in economic growth.


Answer to be written in exam :

  • It is true that the, Manufacturing sector is considered as the backbone of general and economic development.
  • Manufacturing Industries help in modernizing agriculture ,which is the largest employer of people in our country.
  • They reduce heavy dependence of people on Agriculture by providing them jobs in secondary and tertiary sectors.
  • Industrial development also helps in eradication of poverty and unemployment from our country.
  • It brings down regional disparities by establishing industries in remote areas, backward and tribal areas.
  • Export of manufactured goods expands trade and commerce which contributes highly to the country’s economy and brings in foreign exchange.
  • India’s prosperity lies in increasing and diversifying its manufacturing industries.

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