Social Science CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for 2023 Boards

Identify the correct statements about globalization.

  1. Removal of barriers by the government
  2. Foreign companies are allowed to set up factories
  3. Has enabled all companies to increase their investments
  4. Has lessened foreign investment and foreign trade


  1. I &II
  2. II & III
  3. I & III
  4. II & IV



So, the correct answer  is  (A):  I & II



  • Due to globalization government removes the barriers for the efficient trade across the world.
  • Globalization helps foreign companie s to establish their factories around the globe.
  • Foreign Investment policies enabled MNCs to increase their investments  
  • Due to trade barriers imposed on the imports, d ecrease the foreign investment and foreign trade

Thus , Option (A) is correct

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