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Social Science CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for 2023 Boards

How was the social and political situation of India affected by the First World War? Explain.




  • Impact was disastrous.
  • War created tensions.
  • Defense expenditure increased; Income tax introduced.
  • Prices doubled, life of common people became hard.
  • Crops failed, influenza epidemic spread.
  • Millions died.

Answer to be written in exam :

  • The impact of the First World War on India was disastrous.
  • The war created new economic and political tensions in the country.
  • It led to a huge increase in defense expenditure which was  financed  by  war  loans  and increasing taxes: customs duties were raised and income tax introduced.
  • During the war years prices increased and doubled between 1913 and 1918 which led to extreme hardship for the common people.
  • Villages  were  called  upon  to  supply  soldiers,  and people were forcefully recruited in  rural areas, this caused widespread anger.
  • Crops failed in many parts of India, resulting in acute shortages of food.
  • This was accompanied by an influenza epidemic.
  •  Millions died as a result of Hunger,famines and the Epidemic.
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