Social Science CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for 2023 Boards

Look at the picture given below. Identify the name of the painter of this painting from the following options.

Question 3 Look at the picture given below - Teacchoo.jpg

  1. Abindra Nath Tagore
  2. Rabindra Nath Tagore
  3. Raja Ravi Verma
  4. Samant Das Gupta



So, the correct answer  is (C): RAJA RAVI VARMA.

Raja Ritudhwaj Rescuting Princess Madalsa - Teachoo.jpg


  • In the painting, Raja Ritudhwaj can be seen as rescuing princess Madalsa from the captivity of demons.
  • Ravi Varma produced innumerable mythological paintings that were printed by Ravi Varma press.

Let’s check all the options

  • A. Abindra Nath Tagore - He was a different artist. So, this is incorrect .
  • B. Rabindra Nath Tagore -  He is widely known as a poet and philosopher. So, this is incorrect.
  • C. Raja Ravi Verma - is the correct answer.
  • D. Samant Das Gupta - not mentioned anywhere in the book.
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