Social Science CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for 2023 Boards

Suggest any two ways to conserve energy resources in India.




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  • Judicious use of limited energy resources.
  • Encourage the conservation of energy resources and the use of renewable resources .
  • Use of public transport.
  • Use non-conventional sources of energy .
  • Use of energy-saving appliances .

Answer to be written in Exam

Energy is a necessary component of economic progress . Every economic sector needs energy for its operation. India is currently one of the world's least energy-efficient country.

Energy resources in India can be conserved in the following ways:

  • We Should adopt a cautious approach to the judicious use of the limited energy resources.
  • Government and the citizens should encourage the conservation of energy resources and the use of renewable resources .
  • Utilize public transportation networks rather than individual networks as it helps to conserve petrol.
  • Use non-conventional sources of energy such as solar energy, wind power, and biogas.
  • Make use of energy-saving appliances .

*  Mention any two points


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