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Social Science CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for 2023 Boards

In what ways Government can increase employment in the rural sector?




  • By constructing well, dams and canals .
  • By investing and constructing storage of crops, roads and transportation.
  • By identifying, promoting and locating industries in semi-rural areas .
  • By opening cold storage , honey collection centres and industries .
  • By promoting tourism , regional craft industries, or new services like IT.

Answer to be written in exam:

  • Government can construct wells, dams, and canals to irrigate farms which could lead to employment generation in the agriculture sector reducing the problem of underemployment .
  • If the government could invest in the storage of crops and construct roads, and transportation , several farmers will have access to storage and roads, and they can sell their crops. This can provide productive employment .
  • Another way of increasing employment is to identify, promote, and locate industries in semi-rural areas where a large number of people can be employed.
  • Government could open cold storage which could give farmers the opportunity to store their products and sell them when the price is good , by opening honey collection centres farmers can sell wild honey and industries that process vegetables and agricultural products can be sold in outside markets. This will employ in industries located in semi-rural areas .
  • Government could also promote tourism , regional craft industries, or new services like IT. Some of these will require proper planning and support by the government. A study by Planning Commission (now known as NITI Aayog ) shows that improvement in tourism can provide 35 Lakhs of employment every year.

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