Differentiate between Ethanol and Ethanoic acid.





Ethanoic Acid

  1. It is an alcohol
  2. The functional group present in ethanol is (-OH) hydroxy .
  3. Molecular formula is C 2 H 5 OH
  4. It reacts with alkaline KMNO 4 to give ethanoic acid.
  5. It is basic in nature.
  6. Ethanol is used to prepare alcoholic beverages, hand sanitizers etc.

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  1. It is a carboxylic acid
  2. The functional group present in ethanoic acid is (-COOH) carboxylic group .
  3. Molecular formula is CH 3 COOH
  4. It shows no reaction with alkaline KMNO 4 .
  5. As the name suggests, it is acidic in nature.
  6. Ethanoic acid is used in the preparation of vinegar

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