Example 12 - If AD perpendicular BC, prove that AB2 + CD2 - Examples

  1. Chapter 6 Class 10 Triangles
  2. Serial order wise
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Example 12 In figure, if AD โŠฅ BC, prove that AB2 + CD2 = BD2 + AC2. Given: โˆ† ๐ด๐ต๐ถ where AD โŠฅ BC To Prove:- AB2 + CD2 = BD2 + AC2 Proof: Since AC โŠฅ BD โˆ  ADC = โˆ  ADB = 90ยฐ Doing (1) โ€“ (2) AB2 โ€“ AC2 = (AD2 + BD2) โ€“ (AD2 + CD2) AB2 โ€“ AC2 = AD2 + BD2 โ€“ AD2 โ€“ CD2 AB2 โ€“ AC2 = BD2 โ€“ CD2 AB2 + CD2 = BD2 + AC2 Hence proved

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