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What is Environment?

It refers to

Total Planetary Inheritance


Totality of all resources


In easy language, it means

All the resources or conditions available to us in the planet by birth


What are Components of Environment

It has 2 components or elements:


1. Biotic Elements

It refers to all the living elements like animals, plants, human beings etc

2. Abiotic Elements

It refers to all non living elements like rocks, sunlight



What is Environmental Study?

It studies the relationship between

Biotic and Non Biotic Components of environment


What are Functions of Environment?

1.It Supplies Resources

We get both Renewable and non renewable resources from environment


2.It assimilates waste

Waste generated by humans get thrown in environment

Example - Industrial waste gets thrown in rivers and seas


3. It sustains life

Different Animals and Plants are able to exist because of environment

One organism serve as food for other and we together form the food chain


4. It provides aesthetic Services (Scenery)

Aesthetic means the pleasant, positive or artful appearance

Various components of environment together form a beautiful scene




Difference between Renewable and Non Renewable Resources


NCERT Questions

Question 1

What is meant by environment?

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Question 3

Classify the following into renewable and non-renewable resources

  1. trees
  2. fish
  3. petroleum
  4. coal
  5. iron-ore
  6. water.
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Question 6

What are the functions of the environment?

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Question 15

Explain how the supply-demand reversal of environmental resources account for the current environmental crisis.

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Other Questions

Question 1

State the difference between Renewable and Non Renewable Resources

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What Is Environment BIOTIC ELEMENTS (Living Things) ABIOTIC ELEMENTS (Non Living things) Animals Plants Rocks Sunlight Human Beings Water Functions of Environment Supplies Resources (Both Renewable/Non Renewable) Sustains Life (Diff Plants and Animals exist) Assimilates Waste (Waste gets thrown into environment) Aesthetic Service (Scenery/Beauty) Type of Resources RENEWABLE RESOURCES NON RENEWABLE RESOURCES Trees Fishes Coal Petroleum These Resources are in Continuous Supply and Would not get depleted or exhausted Do not get depleted These Resources are in Limited Supply And Would get depleted or exhausted in future

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