We will study the Indian Economy from Independence till Year 1990

After 1990, we will study in future chapters

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What were India's economic Policies during this Period?

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Lets learn about this one by one



  1. Class 12 NCERT
  2. Indian Economic Development


Chapter 2 IED-Indian Economy 1950-90 Indian Economy Before Independence (British Rule till 1947) Chapter 1 Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence After Independence (Indian Govt Rule) Till 1990 From 1991 Chapter 2 Indian Economy 1950-90 Chapter 3 Economic Reforms Since 1991 This we will study in this Chapter India’s Economic Policies from 1950-90 India followed Mixed Economy India Did Industrial Development India Made Plans for Economic Development India followed Inward Looking Trade Policy India Improved Agriculture Sector Not Socialist or Capitalist Govt -Large Industries(PSU) Pvt Sector - Small Industries 5 Year Plans and Perspective Plans Indian goods preferred to Imported goods Started Green Revolution, Provided Subsidies

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