What is Infrastructure?

It refers to basic facilties which help an economy to run

It refers to network of physical facilties like roads, bridges, airports, ports etc

It also includes social infrastructure like healthcare, Sanitation, Education

Hence, all support structures which facilitate development of a country is called infrastructure


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What does Infrastructure Include?

It includes the following

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Different Types of infrastructure

Infrastructure can be categorized into 2 types

1 Economic Infrastructure

2 Social infrastructure



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Relevance and Importance of Infrastructure

Helps In Industrial Development

Infrastructure is support system of Modern Industrial Economy

Infrastructure provides Roads, Ports, Airports, bridges which help in Industrial Development

It also provides energy which is required in industrial production

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Helps in Agriculture

It helps in transporting seeds, pesticides, fertilizers as well as finished goods

Agriculture also depends upon insurance and banking facilities

Example - Farmers require crop insurance as well as loans from banks

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Improves Quality of Life

Good Sanitation and Education helps in improving quality of life of people

Also good communication facilities like internet, post and telegraph help people to contact with each other

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Reduces Morbidity

Morbidity means proneness to fall ill

Clean Drinking Water and Good medical facilities help in preventing many diseases

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Different States with Best Infrastructure in India

Infrastructure helps in development of country

Different States of India which have best infrastructure in different fields prosper


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NCERT Questions


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Explain the two categories into which infrastructure is divided.

How are both interdependent?

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How do infrastructure facilities boost production?

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Infrastructure contributes to the economic development of a country.

Do you agree?


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What all is included in Infrastructure?

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What is Infrastructure It refers to basic facilities which help an economy to run Example It includes Physical Facilities like- Roads Railways Airports It include Social Infrastructure like- Healthcare Education Housing All these are Important for Development of Country Different Types of Infrastructure Electricity, Hydroelectricity, Wind Energy, Thermal Energy Energy Roads ,Bridges, Rail Transport, Transportation Houses, Apartments, Colonies Communication This is Economic Infrastructure Different Types of Infrastructure School, Colleges, Training Centres Education Health Hospitals, Mohalla Clinics Internet, Telecommunication (2G,3G,4G,5G) Housing This is Social Infrastructure Different Types Of Infrastructure Economic Infrastructure They have Direct Impact on Production They include Energy Transport Communication Example If Electricity Available 24 hours More Production Possible If Power cut, less production Social Infrastructure They Indirectly support Production They include Education Health Housing Example If Health Facilities are good Employees will have more Productivity They will be able to better contribute to production process Importance of Infrastructure Infrastructure helps In Industrial Development Infrastructure Provides Roads Railways Electricity All this leads to more Production and Industrial Development Importance of Infrastructure Infrastructure helps In Agricultural Development Infrastructure Provides Transport Facilities (To transport seeds, fertilizers and crops) Insurance (For Crops) Banking (For Agricultural Loans) All this leads to Agricultural Development Importance of Infrastructure Infrastructure Improves Quality of Life Infrastructure Provides Education (Schools, Colleges, Training Centers) Communication (Internet, Post, Telephone) Good Sanitation (Proper Sewage, Garbage Disposal) All this Improves Quality of life of People Importance of Infrastructure Infrastructure Removes Morbidity Proneness to Fall ill Infrastructure Provides Clean Drinking Water Good Medical Facilities All this help in preventing many diseases (Reduces Morbidity) Different States with Best Infrastructure Best Irrigation Facilities Example-Bhakra Nangal Dam, Canals These States Prosper in Agriculture Punjab Haryana Maharashtra Gujarat Best Transportation Facilities (Near Ports) These States do well in Manufacturing Industry as raw materials required are easily accessible Bangalore Best Communication Facilities and IT Infrastructure It does well in Software and IT Field Many companies operate from Bangalore

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