Women Health

What is Reason for Poor health Condition of Women as compared to Men?


1. Poor Nutrition

More than 50% of married Indian women suffer from iron deficiency (anaemia)


This leads to weak bones and many diseases


2. Early Marriage

5% of girl aged 15-19 years are married and have atleast 1 child

This has adverse affect on their health as their body is not yet ready to bear children


3. Poor Child Sex Ratio

Child Sex Ratio have decreased from 927 females per thousand males in 2011 to 919 females per thousand males in 2011

This is mainly due to increase in female foeticide (where people abort their unborn girl child)


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Question 18

How has women’s health become a matter of great concern?

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Males Strong Better Diet and Nutrition Larger population (Preference for Male Child) Late Marriage (Son is married only when he starts to earn) Weak Lack of Proper Nutrition, Iron Deficiency Lower Population (Poor Child Sex Ratio due to Female Foeticide) Early Marriage (Women married early on attaining puberty and have children earlier even when their body not ready)

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