1 High Infant Mortality Rate

In India, infant mortality rate and Under 5 mortality Rate is very high compared to other developing nations

It means there is lack of proper nutrition and healthcare facilities to children in India


2 Low Govt Health Spending

Govt health spending as a percentage of GDP is very less at 3.7%

Developed countries like USA spend much higher percentage (17%)

Hence, there is less spending on health infrastructure by Govt which affects health of poor who are dependent on Govt hospitals


3 High Global Burden of Disease

GBD is an indicator which meaures number of people dying prematurely due to a particular disease or number of years they spend in state of disability in case of disease

India bears 20% of Global Burden of Disease (GBD)

It means large number of death and disabilities of disases of world is found in India


Lack of Resources in Primary Health Centers

Only 38% of PHC have required number of doctors

Only 30% of PHC have required number of medicines

Due to this, very less percentage of Population depend on PHC for their treatment (Only 20%)

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NCERT Questions

Question 15

What are the main characteristics of health of the people of our country?

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Question 16

What is a ‘global burden of disease’?

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Indicators of Health and Health Infrastructure in India Infant Mortality Rate 30 per thousand (Very High) Lack of Healthcare and Proper Nutrition to children and their mothers Govt Health Spending 3.7% of GDP (Very less) Lack of Spending by Govt affects health of Poor who depend on Govt hospitals Global Burden of Disease 20% of WORLD (Very High) Large amount of deaths and disabilities of world occur in India Primary Health Centers Used by 20% of Population (Very less) Lack of Medicines and Doctors in PHC Due to which less population depend up them

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