India's health infrastructure is made up of 3 tier:

  1. Primary Sector
  2. Secondary Sector 
  3. Tertiary Sector




What are Primary Health Centers or Community Health Centers?

  • They provide Primary healthcare Services in Rural Areas and Small Towns
  • They are run by Single Doctor, a nurse and limited medical supplies
  • They provides immunization and vaccination and treat basic health issues like high fever etc
  • When the condition of a patient is serious, they refer them to secondary or tertiary hospitals
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Who is AXM?

AXM means Auxiliary Nursing Midwife

It is the first person which provides primary healthcare in Rural Areas

An auxiliary nurse is involved in providing basic services like checking temperature and Blood pressure of patients, vaccination etc




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Who is AXM?

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Story of Mr Raju Mr. Raju was feeling chest pain He approached his local Village Primary Health Center Doctor gave some medicine and advised ECG So we went to local district hospital for ECG Doctor diagnosed tumor in heart and referred him to AIIMS Delhi Surgery was finally conducted at AIIMS Delhi and he is fine now Different Sectors in Health Infrastructure This is Primary Sector They treat only basic health issues This is Secondary Sector They provide primary health care facilities + additional facilities like ECG,X Ray This is Tertiary Sector They provide specialized health care as well as Quality Medical Knowledge Three Tier System of Health Infrastructure Primary Sector They provide Primary Healthcare facilities They are present in villages and small towns Less Medical Staff Example Primary Health Center Secondary Sector They provide Primary Healthcare Facilities + Additional Facilities like X Ray, ECG,MRI, Surgery They are present in district level More Medical Staff and More Facilities Example District Hospital Tertiary Sector They provide Advanced Medical Surgery + Quality Medical Education These are present in major cities of India like Delhi Very high Medica Staff latest machines and Infrastructure Example AIIMS Primary Health Center Which Tier? Where Found? Which Services? Type of Infrastructure? Primary Sector Rural Areas Small Towns Primary health care Services like Vaccination TREATING High Fever, Cold etc. Single Doctor Nurse (AXM) Limited Medical Supplies Who is AXM? Full Form Auxiliary Nursing Midwife Meaning It is the first person which provides Primary Healthcare in Rural Areas Functions Basic services like checking temperature and Blood pressure of patients, vaccination etc. Where Present Primary Healthcare Center in Rural Areas

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