Community and Non Profit Organizations in Healthcare

We know that Health care is normally handled by Public Sector and Private Sector

However, in some areas of India different communities and NGO have also developed their healthcare systems

It functions with idea that people can be trained to be involved in primary healthcare systems



Name                                      Location

SEWA                                      Ahmedabad

ACCORD                                 Nilgiris

Shahid Hospital                      Run by workers of CMSS (Chattisgarh Mines Shramik Sangh)

Kasthagarhn Sangathan         Tribal womens are trained to treat simple illness at minimal costs

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Discuss the participation of community and Non-Profit Organizations in Healthcare.

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Health Infrastructure in India Private Providers Private Hospitals Private Clinics Government Providers Central Govt Hospital State Govt Hospital Municipality Health Centre Community and Non Profit Organizations Community Participation Example SEWA ACCORD Trade Union Participation Example Shahid Hospitals (Run by CMSS) Rural/Tribal Participation Example Kashtakari Sangathan

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