What is Modernisation?

It means

Adoption of New Technology to Increase Output


Industry can increase its Output by Using Modern Machinery

Agriculture can increase its Output by using High Quality Seeds ,Fertilizers,Pesticides etc.

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Does Modernization only mean Use of New Technology?


It also means change in social outlook


Earlier Women were not allowed to work

Now, they can go out and work in different sectors

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What is the Benefit of Modernization

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NCERT Questions


Does modernisation as a planning objective create contradiction in the light of employment generation?


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In the following questions, select the correct answers:

1 Modernisation includes:

A Increasing the GDP of a country

B Adoption of new technology

C Removing labour work force

D Change in social outlook

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  1. Class 12 NCERT
  2. Indian Economic Development


Modernization - Goal of 5 Year Plans It mean Adapting New Technology to Increase Output Example EARLIER (Old Technology) INDUSTRY  Industrial Work by Labor AGRICULTURE  Agriculture using Bullock Carts SERVICES  Accounting on Paper NOW (Modernisation) Industrial Work by Machines Agriculture Using Tractors Accounting on Computer Different types of Modernisation Modernisation of Technology Discarding Obsolete Technology Example Using Computer in place of Typewriter EARLIER NOW Typewriter Computer Modernization means not only use of New Technology but also Change in Social Outlook Modernisation of Social Outlook Discarding Old Social Beliefs Example Allowing Women to Work instead of getting them married early EARLIER NOW Women Married at Early Age Women Allowed to Work Advantage and Disadvantages of Modernization OLD TECHNOLOGY Industrial Work by Labor Disadvantage Less goods produced by Labour (Less Production Efficiency) Advantage More Labour Employed (Create Jobs) NEW TECHNOLOGY (MODERNISATION) Industrial Work by Machines Advantage More goods Produced by Machine (Increase in Production Efficiency) Disadvantage Less labour Required (Reduces Employment Opportunities)

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