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What is Self Reliance?

It means using own resources instead of resources imported from other nations

Main Objective was

1.Country should not be dependent on other countries for survival

2.Promote Income of its People

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Why did India adopt the goal of Self Reliance?

1. Prevent Foreign interference

India had suffered Hundreds of years of Foreign Domination under British Rule

Govt wanted to free Indians of foreign interference


2. Prevent Dependence for Food

India always had huge amount of agricultural land

Still, it could not produce enough food to feed its population

Govt wanted to change that and ensure no food shortage


3. Promote Local Economy

Government wanted to prevent import of goods which could be manufactured in India

Example - Clothes

This will lead to increase in economy of local business


4. Reduce Unemployment

If goods are manufactured in India, people will get jobs.

This will boost India's income

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Why was it necessary for a developing country like India to follow self-reliance as a planning objective?

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In the following questions, select the correct answers:

1 The goal of Self-reliance includes:

A Importing better quality goods

B Prevention of Foreign Intervention

C Reducing Unemployment

D Establishing Indian MNCs

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Self Reliance - Goal of 5 Year Plans SELF RELIANCE OWN DEPENDENCE Not depending on other Countries It means Avoiding Imports of goods Which could be produced in India This goal helps in Promoting Local Economy & Creating Jobs and Business To ensure Economic Growth in India Importance of Self Reliance Goal What happened during British Rule British Entered India for Trade, Later ruled over India British Destroyed Local handicraft Industry, Promoted their goods Large Scale Unemployment and Poverty in India Agricultural Productivity Declined Goods Imported from USA Why India Chose Self Reliance To Prevent Foreign Interference in India’s affairs To Promote Local Economy Reduce Unemployment and create jobs Prevent Dependence on Food and make India Self sufficient

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