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Strategy 1 - Use of Non Conventional Source of Energy

Difference between Conventional and Non Conventional Sources of Energy


Problems with Conventional Energy

These sources of energy are not Environment Friendly


In Thermal Power Plants, Coal is burnt to generate electricity

this generates large amount of Carbon dioxide which causes Green House Effect

It also produces flash which also causes water and land pollution


Example 2

Hydroelectric Plants generate electricity with help of water

This inundates forests (cause flooding in forests)

Also it interfere with natural flow of water



Why Non Conventional Sources of energy should be used?


These do not cause pollution and are environment friendly


Abundant Supply

They are available in abundant supply and would not be depleted



They are used less due to lack of technological devices




Other Questions

Question 1

State the problems with Conventional source of energy.

Why Non Conventional Sources of energy should be used in their place?

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Different Sources of Energy Conventional Sources Sources of energy which are normally used Since long period of time Example Thermal Energy Hydro Energy Problems Causes Pollution Limited Supply Doesn’t cause Sustainable Development Advantages More used as technology easily available Non Conventional Sources New Sources of energy which have not been much used due to lack of technology Example Solar Energy Wind Energy Advantages Environment Friendly Abundant Supply Leads to Sustainable Development Problems Less used because of lack of technology Problems with Conventional Sources of Energy Thermal Power Plant Coal is burnt to Generate Electricity Problems Burning Coal Releases Carbon dioxide It is a Green House gas Raises Temperature Causes Global Warming Fly ash also produced Contaminates Land and Water Coal Reserves available in Limited Supply Will be exhausted in future Hydel Power Plant Water is used to Generate Electricity Problems Dams are Created to block flow of water Natural flow of water is disturbed Forests are flooded Lead to loss of Habitat for Plants & Animals Why Non-Conventional Sources of Energy To Be Used? Wind Energy Electricity generated using Power of Wind Benefits Available in abundant supply Will not be exhausted Doesn’t cause Pollution Solar Energy Electricity Generated using Sun's energy Benefits Available in abundant supply Will not be exhausted Doesn’t cause Pollution

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