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What are Pests?

Animals and insects which attach crops and food are called Pests

Example - Rats, Ants, Cockroaches etc


What are Pesticides?

It is a chemical substance which is used to kill pests

These Pesticides are sprayed to prevent the crop from damage and increase yield


What are harmful effects of using Pesticides?

They contaminate the soil

That mix with water to cause water pollution

They even contaminate the crop and food


What is Biopest Control?

It is a process of controlling the growth of pests using Natural Methods



Different Methods of Biopest Control

Using Neem Made  Pesticides

Instead of using harmful chemicals, pesticides made from neem tree are used

They do not cause any harm to human body


Mixed Cropping

Mixed Cropping means growing more than one crop on same piece of land

Pests are mainly attracted to crops due to their odour (smell)

Growing 2 or more crops confuse the pests and they attack the crop less

Many farmers also use trap crops (at boundary) - crops which pests do not like and main crop in the inside area to control pests


Using Animals and Birds to Control Pests

Various animals and birds feed on pests

Example - Snakes kill Rates, Lizard eats insects

These animals and birds can help to naturally kill pests



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What are Pests Animals & Insects which Damage Crops Are called Pests What are Pesticides Chemicals which kill Pests kill PROBLEMS WITH PESTICIDES Crops eaten by us Chemicals enter our body, cause diseases Crops eaten by Animals Chemicals damage their body, damages livestock During Rain, Chemicals flow into Rivers Fishes die, damages Ecosystem Difference Between Pesticide And Biopests PESTICIDES Killing Pests by Chemicals PROBLEMS Harmful to Health of Humans and livestock Causes Damages to Environment BIOPESTS Killing Pests by Natural methods BENEFITS Doesn’t Contaminate food Not Harmful Doesn’t Cause Damage to Environment Different Types of Biopests Controls Using Neem Based Biopests Neem Doesn’t Contaminate Food or Cause Pollution Mixed Cropping System Two or More Crops on Same Land (Confuses the Pests) Using Animals/Birds to Control Pests Snakes Kills Rats Bird kills insects

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