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What is Global Warming?

It is the gradual increase in Average temperature of earth

It is caused due to increase in Greenhouse gasses like Carbon dioxide(CO2) and Methane (CH4)


What are Causes and Effects of Global Warming?


Due to industrialization and urbanization, there is increased burning of fossil fuels and deforestation

This has lead to increase in greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere

Also there is increase in cattle production which release high amount of methane in environment



These gases have greenhouse effect (trap heat of the sun)

It has lead to increase in global temperature

This has lead to our glaciers getting melted and water level increasing

In future, many cities may get submerged in water due to this



When did Global Warming Start?

It started with Industrial Revolution of 1750's

After this, number of industries and factories came into existence

These burnt fossil fuels like coal which increased Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere


What are Steps taken by Govt to fight Global Warming?

United Nations held a conference in Kyoto Japan in 1997

It resulted in an international agreement to fight global warming



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What is Global Warming?

What are its Causes and Effects?

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Global Warming (Whole Earth) (Increase in Temperature) Global Warming means Increase in Average temperature of earth Example Average temperature of earth increased by 1 Degree in last century What Causes Global Warming? Industrialisation More fossil fuel burnt like Coal, Petroleum Increase in Carbon dioxide and Methane Deforestation Cutting of trees Less trees in Environment Less Carbon dioxide converted into Oxygen More Carbon Dioxide in Environment Increase in Cattle Production Higher Animal Waste Created Increase in Methane Increase in Gases like Carbon dioxide and Methane These gas trap heat of sun (causes Green house Effect) What is Effect of Global Warming? Increase in Green House Gases (Carbon Dioxide/Methane) Increase in Global Temperature Melting of Glaciers Cities Submerged in Water Water levels Rise

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