Traditional Fuels in Rural Areas

In earlier times,

Rural Households generally used cow dung cakes or wood as fuel

This leads to

Deforestation (Cutting of trees to Obtain wood for burning)

Air Pollution (Burning of wood/cow dung causes air pollution which damages the lungs)




New Methods Promoted by Govt


1. Subsidized LPG

LPG means Liquified Petroleum Gas

These are regular gas cylinders used at home

Govt has started giving this at subsidized rates in Rural areas to promote its use

Use of LPG leads to reduction in air pollution and preventing trees from being cut


2. Gobar Gas Plants

Cattle Dung is collected and fed to gobar gas plants

This generates gas from the cattle dung

This gas is supplied to homes to be used as fuel

The leftover surry is used as soil conditioner and organic manure

Govt has promoted the use of gobar gas plants by providing subsidy and easy loans




Other Questions

Question 1

State the methods used by government to promote LPG and Gobar Gas plants?

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Which Fuel Traditionally used in Rural Areas? Cow Dung Cake Problems Burning of these Causes Pollution Causes Wastage of Cattle Dung (Which could be used as Manure) Burning of Wood Problems Burning of these Causes Pollution Leads to Cutting of Trees and Deforestation New Alternative Methods Promoted by Government Gobar Gas Plants Cattle dung is fed to Plant Gobar Gas and Slurry Produced Benefits Gobar gas used as Fuel Reduces Household Pollution Slurry used as Organic Manure and Soil conditioner Govt gives Subsidy (Discount) & Loans to make Gobar Gas Plant LPG Cylinder Cooking gas provided to homes by Govt Agencies Benefits LPG Cylinder is cleaner fuel Reduces Household Pollution Prevents trees from being cut Govt gives Subsidy (Discount) on LPG Cylinders Steps take by Government to Promote Alternate Methods Gobar Gas Plants Govt gives Subsidy (Discount) and Loans to make Gobar Gas Plant LPG Cylinder Govt gives Subsidy (Discount) on LPG Cylinders

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