What is Reflection of Light?

The process of sending back the light rays which fall on a surface of an object is called Reflection of Light


When Light Rays strike on a mirror, it moves back in some different direction

This is called Reflection of Light


In the below image, water acts as a mirror and reflects light

Reflection of Light - Real life image.jpg

In this chapter, we will talk about Reflection by Mirrors


Different Type of Mirrors

Plane, Concave, Convex Mirrors

There are 2 type of Mirrors

  • Plane Mirrors
    A plane mirror is a mirror with a flat reflective surface\
  • Spherical Mirrors
    It is a mirror with a curved (bent) reflecting surface
    They can be further categorized into Concave and Convex Mirrors


What are Concave and Convex Mirrors?


Concave Mirrors

They are Mirrors whose reflective surface are curved inwards


Surface of spoon curved inwards is called Concave Mirror

Convex Mirror

They are Mirrors whose reflective surface are curved outwards


Surface of spoon bulged outwards is called Concave Mirror


In case of spherical mirrors, back of mirror is shaded (the non reflecting part of mirror is shaded)


Note:- The objects having polished, shining surfaces reflect more light than objects having dull, unpolished surfaces.

Silver is one of the best reflectors of light.

That is why back side of mirrors have silver coating

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