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What is Light?

Light is a form of energy

Light helps us see objects


What is reflection of light?

When a ray of light strikes a mirror, it is reflected in a different direction


Laws of Reflection

There are 2 laws of Reflection

  • The Incident ray, Reflected ray and the Normal, all lie in the same plane
  • The Angle of Incidence is always equal to Angle of Reflection


Image formed by plane mirror

In a plane mirror, image formed is behind the mirror

It looks like



Properties of Image formed in Plane Mirror

  • Image is formed behind the mirror
  • Image is Virtual(Not real) and erect.
  • Image formed is of same size
  • The image formed is at the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of it.


What do we mean by real and virtual images?

Real images are formed in front of the mirror

Virtual images are formed behind the mirror

Example - Plane mirror forms Virtual image


What do we mean by erect and inverted image?

Erect image is a straight image

Inverted image is upside down

Example - Plane mirror forms Erect image

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