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Chapter 10 Class 10 - Light - Reflection and Refraction

Get NCERT Solutions, Notes, Numericals, MCQ (with Solutions) for Chapter 10 Class 10 Science, Light - Reflection and Refraction.


In addition to providing the notes and solutions, we also provide

  • MCQ, 1 Mark, 2 Marks - Questions and Answers. (which you can download in PDF)
  • Numericals of Light Class 10 - on both Lens Formula and Mirror Formula
  • Solved Questions from inside the NCERT Book
  • Solved Examples from inside the NCERT Book
  • And also marked the important questions for your reference


In this chapter, we will learn

  • Reflection of Light - A quick revision on what is reflection of light, Law of Reflection, Reflection of Light in Plane Mirror

  • Spherical Mirrors - What are Concave and Convex Mirrors, what do they look like

  • Parts of Concave and Convex Mirror - like Focus, Principal Axis, Center of Curvature, Radius of Curvature

  • Rules for drawing Ray Diagram in Mirrors

  • Concave Mirror - Ray diagram - All 6 cases, with summary as well

  • Convex Mirror - Ray diagram - Both cases with summary table

  • Uses of Concave and Convex Mirrors - with Diagram, for your better understanding

  • Sign convention for Spherical Mirrors

  • Mirror Formula

  • and Magnification Formula for Mirrors

  • Refraction of Light

  • Refraction through a Rectangular Glass Slab

  • Laws of Refraction

  • Refractive Index

  • Optical Density and What are optically rarer and optically denser mediums

  • Concave and Convex Lens

  • Important Points for Convex and Concave Lens - like 2 Focus (or Foci), Optical Center

  • Rules for drawing Ray Diagram in Lenses

  • Convex Lens - Ray diagram

  • Concave Lens - Ray diagram

  • Uses of Concave and Convex Lens

  • Sign convention for Convex and Concave Lens

  • Lens Formula

  • Power of a lens


And we also some extra notes, like

  • What is the difference between Real and Virtual Image?
  • What is the difference between Concave and Convex mirror?
  • Difference between Mirror and Lens
  • Meaning of Erect Image
  • Which type of Mirror used in cars?
  • Difference between Reflection and Refraction of Light
  • Effects of Refraction of Light
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • 2 Mark Questions
  • 3 Mark Questions


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