1. Chapter 14 Class 8 Factorisation
  2. Serial order wise


Ex 14.2, 5 Factorise the following expressions. (ii) ๐‘ž^2 โ€“ 10q + 21 ๐‘ž^2 โ€“ 10q + 21 By middle term splitting = ๐‘ž^2โˆ’3๐‘žโˆ’7๐‘ž+21 = (๐‘ž^2โˆ’3๐‘ž)โˆ’(7๐‘žโˆ’21) = q (q โˆ’ 3) โˆ’ 7(q โˆ’ 3) Taking (q โˆ’ 3) common, = (q โˆ’ 3) (q โˆ’ 7) Splitting the middle term We need to find two numbers whose Sum = โˆ’10 Product = 21 So, we write โˆ’10q = โˆ’3q โˆ’ 7q

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