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Chapter 14 Class 8 Factorisation

Get solutions of all NCERT Exercise Questions and Examples of Chapter 14 Class 8 Factorisation free at Teachoo (टीचू). In this chapter, first the concepts are explained, and then answers to each and every question, including examples is given.


This chapter comes under Algebra. So, we will use the concepts which we studied in Chapter 9 Class 8 Algebra Expressions.

In this chapter, we will learn

  • What are factors of numbers
  • What are factors of Algebra Expressions
  • What is Factorisation
  • Factorization using Method of Common Factors
  • Factorisation by regrouping terms
  • Factorisation using Algebra Identities - (a + b)2 , (a - b)2 , a2 - b2
  • Factorisation of the form (x + a) (x + b) - Splitting the middle term factorisation
  • Division of Algebra Expressions
    • Division of a monomial by another monomial
    • Division of a polynomial by a monomial
    • Division of Polynomial by a Polynomial
  • Finding error while solving an algebra expression (This is in Ex 14.4)


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