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There are 3 forms of verb

  • Present
  • Past
  • Past Participle

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Important Verbs and their Different Forms

All verb forms are same

Present Past Past Participle
cost cost cost
cast cast cast
hit hit hit
hurt hurt hurt
shut shut shut
upset upset upset


All 3 forms are different

Present Past Past Participle
go went gone
ring rang rung
blow blew blown
do did done
ride rode ridden
drink drank drunk
lie lay lain


Second and Third Form are Same

Present Past Past Participle
tell told told
taste tasted tasted
stay stayed stayed
shine shone shone
rain rained rained
print printed printed
buy bought bought


In Second and third form  we add 'ed'

Present Past Past Participle
carry carried carried
cause caused caused
absorb absorbed absorbed
add added added
tax taxed taxed
treat treated treated
walk walked walked
work worked worked
ask asked asked
box boxed boxed


In third form we add 'en'

Present Past Past Participle
break broke broken
fall fell fallen
forget forgot forgotten
choose chose chosen
give gave given
speak spoke spoken
bite bit bitten

Why do we need to learn 3 forms of verb? 

We need to learn this to understand Tenses


Second form of run is ran

  • He runs fast everyday
    (This is Simple Present Tense where we use First form of Verb 'run')

  • He ran fast yesterday
    (This is Simple Past Tense where we use Second form of Verb 'ran')

Lets learn tenses in Detail

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