Action words are called Verbs.

It is a word which tells some activity


Boy speaks

Here ' speaks ' is a verb


Girl listens

Here ' listens ' is a verb

Couple dances

Here ' dances ' is a verb

People work

Here ' work' is a verb

Baby smiles

Here ' smiles ' is a verb

Girl runs

Here ' runs ' is a verb

They are walking

Here ' walking ' is a verb




Nouns Pronouns and Verbs Revision

Noun - Person, place or thing

Pronoun - Used in place of Noun

Verb - Some activity



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What are Verbs, Nouns and Pronouns in following sentences


Example 1

He talks very fast

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Example 2

She works at IBM

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Example 3

He lives in New Delhi

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Example 4

I like you

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Example 5

My grandmother wakes up at 4 am in morning

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Example 6

I sleep in class

What are Verbs - Verbs and tenses

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Example 7

Baby cries a lot

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Example 8

She listens to music on headphone

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Example 9

Friends dance

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