It is used to described about some scene of past.


  1. Children were fighting
  2. I was sleeping
  3. He was surfing internet


Here we use




'Was' is used for Singular

'Were' is used for Plural

Rules for Past Continuous

Rules for past cintinoues.JPG


Type of Noun/Pronoun Present Continous Past Continous
I am + ing was + ing
Singular (He, she, it) is + ing was + ing
They, You (Plural or or) are + ing were + ing




Convert the following into Past Continuous Tense

She is looking gorgeous

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Dad is sitting on the sofa

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They are playing video game

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I am riding a bike

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She is driving me crazy

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I am not watching a scary movie

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Convert into Different Tenses

'I see a dream'

  • Simple Present - I see a dream
  • Simple Past -  I saw a dream
  • Simple Future - I will see a dream
  • Present Continuous - I am seeing a dream
  • Past Continuous - I was seeing a dream


'I am a dreamer'

  • Simple Present - I am a dreamer
  • Simple Past -  I was a dreamer
  • Simple Future - I will be a dreamer
  • Present Continuous - 
  • Past Continuous -

(Continuous tense will not be use in these sentences)

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