It is used to tell about things which had completed in past.


  • I had finished  my lunch
  • The teacher had slapped him
  • We had played chess


  • In Past Perfect,we always use
  • Had + third form of verb
  • This is common for both Singular and Plural

Rules for Past Perfect

Rules for past perfect.JPG

For both singular and plural, we use had

Present Perfect Tense Past Perfect Tense
I have played hockey I had played hockey
He has played hockey He had played hockey
She has played hockey She had played hockey
They have played hockey They had played hockey
We have played hockey We had played hockey
You have played hockey You had played hockey
Girl has played hockey Girl had played hockey
Girls have played hockey Girls had played hockey
Team has played hockey Team had played hockey

Convert Present Perfect into Past Perfect

I have purchased a car

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I have taken his number 

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He has only 50 dollars in his bank account

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The boy finish my homework

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We have spoken to him

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