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Pronoun is a word which is used in place of Noun



Example 1

Natasha is my girlfriend

Here, there are 2 Nouns 'Natasha' and 'girlfriend'


She is my girlfriend

Here, there is only one Noun 'girlfriend'

'She' is a pronoun which is used in place of noun 'Natasha'



Example 2

Aamir Khan is an actor

He is an actor

Here 'He' is a Pronoun used in place of Noun 'Aamir Khan'




Why are Pronouns Used?

They are used to avoid repetition

It does not look nice to use Noun again and again in each sentence


Example 3

Suman is a doctor.

She lives in Delhi.

She works at a hospital

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Example 4

Donald Trump is the president of USA. He stays at White house.

What are Nouns and Pronouns here ?

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