Conjunctions are Words which combine 2 sentences,words, or phrases (group of words)


I am 20 years old and I am in college

(Here,'and' is a conjunction

Example 1

  1. I like fruits,
  2. I like vegetables
  3. I like fruits and vegetables

Here in third Sentences,' and ' is an adverb


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Example 2

  1. I eat Chinese
  2. I eat South Indian
  3. I do not eat Non Veg
  4. I eat Chinese or South Indian but I do not eat Non Veg Food

Here,in Fourth Sentence, ' or'  and ' but'  are Conjunctions

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Different Types of Conjunctions

It is normally of types

  1. Coordinating Conjunctions
  2. Subordinating Conjunctions
  3. Correlative conjunctions

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Lets study these one by one in detail.

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