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  • Coordinating Conjunctions are the most common conjunctions
  • They are also called " coordinators "
  • This is because they  coordinate between 2 or more words or phrases.


Coordinating Conjunctions are of  7 Types

  1. For
  2. And
  3. Nor
  4. But
  5. Or
  6. Yet
  7. So 


These are also called FANBOYS


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Examples of FANBOYS



He speaks Hindi, for he is from India

('for' means because here)



He speaks Hindi and English

('and' combines 2 non contrasting items)



He doesn't know English, nor does he want to to learn it

('Nor' combines 2 negative ideas)



He is staying in India but he wants to learn French

(' but ' presents Contrast or Exception)



He wants to learn German or French

('Or' is used when we have to choose one of the two)



He is not much educated, yet he knows good English

('Yet' is done when something done even while facing number of challenges)



He wants to move to France, so he is learning French

('It' presents a consequence, something happened because of this reason)



Put Correct Coordinating Conjunctions

I like him .... I cant marry him

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I like him ..... will marry him

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He is tall, dark ..... handsome

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She is beautiful ..... well mannered

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She is rich .... ugly

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He talks to her rudely, ....... she cares for her

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It was Madhu's birthday,...... she threw a party

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She does not talk to me,..... do I speak to her

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She goes to gym daily, ...... she wants to loose wait

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I will like to have chicken ...... mutton burger

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Which dress do you like to have? ...... green

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She came late for class,...... she got scolded by teacher

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