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What is Verb in this sentence?

Question 1

I am a doctor

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Question 2

He is a doctor

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Question 3

'They' are doctors

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All Sentences have verbs 

'Is', 'Am' and 'Are' are also verbs

When to use Is, am and are?


  1. I am a doctor
  2. He is a doctor
  3. She is a doctor
  4. They are doctors
  5. We are doctors
  6. You are a doctor
  7. You are doctors
  8. I am a doctor
  9. Amit is a doctor
  10. Amit and Sumit are doctors





  • For I -  we use 'am'
  • For You -  we use 'are'
  • For Others - 
    (For Single Person We use 'is'
    For Multiple Person we use 'are')



Fill in the blanks with 'is', 'am' or 'are'

I  ….  single.

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He …. a colleague

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She …. a painter

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Imtiaz …. an artist

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We ….. friends

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