What are Tenses?

Tenses help in telling timing of verb.


It is of 3 types

  1. Present Tense
  2. Past Tense
  3. Future Tense


Present Tense-  It is about activities(verbs) which are currently happening.

Past Tense-  It is about activities(verbs) which have already happened in past.

Future Tense-  It is about activities(verbs) which will happened in future




  1. I live in America 
  2. I lived in America in 2010
  3. I will live in America in 2020


Which tense is used in these sentences?


I live in America 

This is Present Tense

(as it is currently happening)


I lived in America in 2010

This is Past Tense

(as it has already happened in 2010)


I will live in America in 2020 

This is Future Tense

(as it will happen in future in 2020)

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12 Different Types of Tenses

These 3 tenses(Present, Past and Future)  can be further categorized into 4 types each as follows


Present Tense

  1. Simple Present
  2. Present Continuous
  3. Present Perfect
  4. Present Perfect Continuous


Past Tense

  1. Simple Past
  2. Past Continuous
  3. Past Perfect
  4. Past Perfect Continuous


Future Tense

  1. Simple Future
  2. Future Continuous
  3. Future Perfect
  4. Future Perfect Continuous



Lets start with Simple Present Tense . Click next.


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