Give an account of weather conditions and characteristics of the cold season.



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  1. Characteristics of the monsoon rainfall in India .
    1. The Monsoon is pulsating (fluctauting) in nature. 
    2. When the monsoon arrives , the normal rainfall increases suddenly and lasts for several days. This phenomenon is known as monsoon bursts. 
    3. The monsoon arrives at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula generally by the first week of June.
    4. The Advancing Monsoon in India is prevalen t from June to  September.
    5. Monsoon has its tendency to have ‘breaks’ in rainfall.  They are characterized by rainless intervals.
  2. Effects of the monsoon rainfall in India
    1. Areas with high rainfall are prone to flooding, and areas with low rainfall are prone to drought.
    2. Agriculture in India is heavily reliant on the monsoon. Low rainfall and extremely high rainfall damage the crop.
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