Chapter 4 Class 9 Geography - Climate

How is the Arabian Sea branch of South-west Monsoons responsible for good rainfall in the Northern Plains of India? Why doesn’t it give rain in the Central Peninsula?



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  1. The part of South-west monsoons that blow over the Arabian Sea is responsible for high rainfall  on the w estern coast of India.  
  2. By mid-June, the Arabian Sea branch of the monsoon arrives over Saurashtra-Kuchchh and the central part of the country.
  3. These winds strike the Himalayas  and result in fairly good rainfall and abandon moisture. 
  4. South-west monsoons are perpendicular to the direction of the Western Ghats thus, they give heavy rainfall on the windward side of the  Western Ghats.  
  5. Central Peninsula lies on th e leeward side of the  Western Ghats . This Arabian Sea branch of SouthWest Monsoon does not reach the region. 
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