• Climate is the sum total of weather conditions and variations over a large area for a long period of time (more than thirty years).
  • Weather refers to the state of the atmosphere over an area at any point of time.
  • Elements of the weather and climate are temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, humidity, and precipitation.
  • The climate of India - Monsoon type.
  • The monsoon type of climate is most common in the south and southeast Asian countries.
  • There is a regional variation in climatic conditions within the country. 
  • For Example: In the summer , temperatures in some parts of the Rajasthan desert can reach 50°C , while temperatures in Pahalgam, Jammu, and Kashmir, can reach 20°C. 
  • Similarly, on a winter night , the temperature in Drass, Jammu, and Kashmir, can drop to minus 45°C . Whereas  Thiruvananthapuram, on the other hand, may experience temperatures as high as 22°C.
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