‘The implementation of the Mandal Commission Report led to diverse reactions and sparked widespread protests and debates across the country.’

How did the people react and what were some of the key concerns raised following the implementation of the Mandal Commission Report in India?


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The implementation of the Mandal Commission Report led to diverse reactions from different sections of society. Some of the reasons why people reacted strongly to this decision were:

  • The people who supported the report felt that this would give fair opportunity to those communities who had not been represented in government employment. They argued that reservation was a form of social justice and empowerment for the backward castes who had suffered from historical oppression and discrimination due to the caste system .


  • The people who opposed the report felt that this was unfair as it would deny equality of opportunity to those who did not belong to backward communities. They argued that reservation would violate the principle of merit and efficiency and deprive the deserving candidates of their rightful jobs.


  • The people who were affected by the report felt that they would be denied jobs even if they were qualified . They feared that reservation would reduce their chances of getting government jobs and affect their career prospects and aspirations.

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