How did the First World War impact Russia and contribute to the growing discontent and revolutionary sentiments within the country?


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  • The war caused immense casualties and losses for Russia, leading to refugees and a discredited government and Tsar . The Russian armies suffered several defeats in Germany and Austria, resulting in over 7 million casualties by 1917.
  • The war disrupted Russia’s industries and supply chains , leading to shortages of goods and food in the cities.With limited domestic industries and German control over the Baltic Sea, Russia faced shortages of industrial goods and equipment.

  • The war increased anti-German sentiments and the unpopularity of the Tsarina, who was seen as influenced by Rasputin .  Anti-German sentiments were widespread among Russians, who resented anything associated with Germany.

  • The war created a disenchanted population and a loss of faith in the government, paving the way for the Russian Revolution in 1917.The war served as a catalyst for revolutionary sentiments, creating an environment ripe for political change.

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