In which year was the first complete census held in India?

  1. 1872

  2. 1881

  3. 1951

  4. 2011


Answer by Student

So, the correct answer is (B):  1881 .

Detailed Answer by Teachoo

Let’s check all the options

  • Option (A) 1872 - The first attempt to conduct a census in India was made in 1872. However, it was not complete and systematic. It covered only a part of the country and used different methods and criteria. So, this is incorrect . ❌

  • Option (B) 1881 - The first complete and synchronous census in India was held in 1881 . It covered the entire country and used uniform definitions and procedures. It was conducted under the supervision of Lord Ripon, the then Viceroy of India. So, this is correct . ✅

  • Option (C) 1951 - The first census in independent India was held in 1951. It was the ninth census in the series that started from 1881. It introduced some new features such as population projection and sample surveys. So, this is incorrect . ❌

  • Option (D) 2011 - The latest census in India was held in 2011. It was the fifteenth census in the series that started from 1881. It used advanced technology such as biometric data and satellite imagery. So, this is incorrect .❌

Thus, option (B): 1881 is correct .

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