Which cooperative has played a significant role in the White Revolution in India?

  1. Mother Dairy

  2.  Amul

  3. Academy of Development Science (ADS)

  4. Fair Price Shops


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So, the correct answer is (B): Amul

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Let’s check all the options 

  • Option A: Mother Dairy -  Mother Dairy is a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), which was established in 1974 under Operation Flood. It is a leading dairy company that operates in Delhi and other major cities. It produces and sells milk and milk products, but it is not a cooperative.  This option is incorrect .❌

  • Option B: Amul - Amul is an acronym for Anand Milk Union Limited, which is a dairy cooperative based in Anand, Gujarat. It was founded in 1946 by a group of farmers led by Tribhuvandas Patel, who wanted to free themselves from the exploitation of middlemen. It was later supported by Dr. Verghese Kurien, who is known as the father of the White Revolution in India. Amul played a significant role in the White Revolution by organizing small and marginal farmers into village cooperatives, providing them with technical and financial assistance, and creating a national milk grid that linked producers and consumers. Amul is now India’s largest food brand and one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives.  This option is correct .✅

  • Option C: Academy of Development Science (ADS) - ADS is a non-governmental organization that works for rural development and social change in Maharashtra. It was founded in 1983 by Dr. N.G. Hegde, who was inspired by Dr. Kurien’s work at Amul. ADS promotes sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, rural livelihoods, women empowerment, and community health. It also runs a dairy cooperative called BAIF Development Research Foundation, which provides veterinary services and artificial insemination to cattle owners. However, ADS was not directly involved in the White Revolution.  This option is incorrect .❌

  • Option D: Fair Price Shops - Fair Price Shops are outlets that distribute essential commodities such as rice, wheat, sugar, kerosene, etc. at subsidized prices to the poor under the Public Distribution System (PDS). They are run by the government or by cooperatives or private dealers. They are not related to the White Revolution or the dairy sector. This option is incorrect . ❌

Thus, option (B): Amul is correct .

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